Quebec City is the capital of Quebec and one of the most popular cities in Canada.

Wooden Nickel KnuckleheadsEdit

At the beginning of the episode, Jacob's clasmates are complaining about the bus not coming, The real reason they are going is that they were forced to work in vain and Jacob got a phone call for a trip to Quebec City, As students get angrier at Jacob, the bus arrives. They cheer for Jacob and entered it. Then for some insane reason, Greedyguts (being a big idiot) held Jacob back from going and explained why he figured it out. At the end of the episode, Miss Sweetipie took Jacob to Quebec City so he can stay there with his Classmates.


Jacob told Miss Sweetipie all about his trip. The sights were awesome, The food in the restraunts were delicious, and he and his classmates learned How The Britsh took over Quebec.

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