Phoebe is Melinda's elder sister who Daniel has a crush on. Jacob is classmates with Melinda.
 Phoebe only appeared in Jacob Two Two and the Valentine's Day Disaster as a minor character. When Phoebe was waiting for Jacob, Daniel, and Melinda, she found Melinda chasing Jacob, who was chasing the lovebug. After Melinda lands on the frozen pond, Phoebe was worried about if Melinda would fall in the pond after the ice cracks (unfortunately it did). Daniel tries to rescue Melinda, but he accidentally knocks Phoebe into the pond and ends up insulting him saying that he's a "clumsy twit". She even sarcastically called him "Romeo". Phoebe can be protective of her younger sister, as shown in the lovebug chase scene in Jacob Two Two and the Valentine's Day Disaster. She is also shown to be insulting and harsh as shown after Daniel knocks her into the pond.