Buford Orville Gaylord Pugh is a good friend of Jacob's. He is an odd kid, who always seems to bring up the strangest of things. He often accompanies Jacob and Renée on their adventures. Some of his odd qualities are his ability to speak 'Racoonese', his smelling abilities, and his vast knowledge of obscure facts. Buford is a good friend to Jacob and Renee. He is also known to be clumsy causing much grief to Jacob, but he and Jacob are still best buddies.


Buford wears a white shirt with baggy light-blue joggers pants. In the winter time he wears a big-green winter coat with a red scarf.He also has a green/blue book bag.He appears to have orange/black hair and has light skin.


  • His middle names are Orville and Gaylord.
  • He is on the Scholars for Dollars team.

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